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Brand protection built for long term success

Our software and services approach to brand protection ensures your team is getting effective results that drive your business forward

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What can Prism do for you?

Gain visibility

Get control of your brand online all in one place with full visibility into your products and retailers

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Effectively enforce 

Use clean and organized data to your advantage and enforce your brand's selling policies

Boost sales

With increased control of your products comes higher margins and more authorized sales

How Prism works to
protect your brand

Prism monitors your products, effortlessly generates actionable reports, and gives you the tools to enforce your pricing and reselling policies.

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We start by taking in all of the data for your brand so we know which products to monitor, where different retailers are allowed to sell, and how you want to enforce your selling policies.  This is crucial so we can give you easy-to-use reports that are highly actionable.


Every day, we monitor your products and collect information on who's selling your products, where they're selling, and the prices they're selling at.  We collect a ton of data, but don't want you to deal with it just yet - let's wait until our software has it organized for you.

Product Catalog

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Amazon and marketplace monitoring and scraping image for price retailers and unknown sellers



After monitoring your products, Prism effortlessly generates actionable reports that are separated by types of enforcements and recommended next steps.

Enforcement takes on different shapes depending on the types of sellers and violations.  Known retailers can be sent policy violation notices, while unknown sellers need to be investigated further.

Approved Retailers

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Enforcement Templates

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MAP Violation

minimum advertised price map policy violation image

Distribution Violation

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Unknown Seller

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Email Enforcement

For known retailers with MAP and distribution policy violations, the most effective enforcement is through communication directly with your partners.  

One-Click Sending

Templates pull in your email formats, retailer contact addresses, and Excel reports for easy fixes

Enforcement History

Track your enforcements and ensure resolutions to all violations

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Seller Investigations

When unknown sellers are identified, an extra level of work needs to be done to investigate and identify the source of product being diverted.

Product Source Identification

Grey market resellers are a result of leaks in your supply chain - step one is to identify the source

Expert Recommendations

Effective next steps and actions for eliminating unknown sellers

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Get started with a no-cost
retailer snapshot report

Have our team monitor your catalog and review where the opportunities are to improve your margins and better support your brand and retailers.

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