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Unknown Seller Investigations

Safeguard your brand from grey market sellers

grey market and unknwon seller investigation servcies on amazon

Does your brand have challenges with...

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Discounted Prices

Discounted pricing can be a detriment to your brand health and create cascading pricing issues that hurt your margins across multiple channels.

Channel Conflict

Your retailer network is specifically designed to maximize the reach of your brand and the success of your retail partners - however, when retailers sell in non-authorized channels, it can have negative effects on the performance of your authorized partners

Unknown Resellers

Unknown resellers can create major challenges for both brands and authorized retail partners - the first step in solving this issue comes with accurate insights into who is selling your products .

A solution built for long term success

Solving the issue of grey market sellers requires identifying the source of product to bring back control to your distribution network.  Our solution focuses on using the data we monitor online and comparing it your brand's shipping records to determine the true source of product for grey market sellers.

Monitoring Data
 Shipping Records
Product Assortment
Identify the seller source of product

Authorized retailers



marketplace monitoring data for products and sellers

Seamless integration

Data flows directly from our monitoring to our partners at Counter Diversion who review and match your shipping records to identify grey market sellers.  From there, we work directly with you to review the results of the identifications and established clear and direct next steps to take.

Product source identification

Handeling grey market sellers effectively means connecting the dots to how they acquired your inventory - the source of product.  When you know where it's coming from, it's in your hands to stop the product diversion at the source. 

amazon marketplacve monitoring to identify source of product of unknown sellers
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Get started with a no-cost
retailer snapshot report

Have our team monitor your catalog and review where the opportunities are to improve your margins and better support your brand and retailers.

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