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MAP & Policy Monitoring

Simplified policy monitoring and enforcement

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Does your brand have challenges with...

map and policy monitoring on amazon and online marketplaces

Discounted Prices

Discounted pricing can be a detriment to your brand health and create cascading pricing issues that hurt your margins across multiple channels.

Channel Conflict

Your retailer network is specifically designed to maximize the reach of your brand and the success of your retail partners - however, when retailers sell in non-authorized channels, it can have negative effects on the performance of your authorized partners

Unknown Resellers

Unknown resellers can create major challenges for both brands and authorized retail partners - the first step in solving this issue comes with accurate insights into who is selling your products .

How Prism works to protect your brand

Prism monitors your products, effortlessly generates actionable reports, and gives you the tools to enforce your pricing and reselling policies.

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Simple setup

Our team manages the full process with you of getting your brand ready to monitor and enforce your selling policies

Product Catalog

Connect your catalog to the right products online so you can be confident about the tracking data


Set where your retailers are authorized to sell and who to contact in case of policy violations

Enforcement Templates

Create custom templates for your different violations types


No more manual monitoring of your products - it's a task better suited for software anyway!

Marketplace Focused

Our specialty is marketplace monitoring and we use a combination of direct API access and web scraping

Daily Data Collection

We monitor your product every day so you can take care of the more pressing parts of managing a brand 

Screenshot Capture

When violations are found, we capture a screenshot in case you need to verify a policy violations

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prism commerce platform and data from product monitoring and seller tracking

reports and data

Data without actions is a waste of your time - we focus on providing organized and easy-use data with definitive next steps and recommendations.

Violation Type

Data is presented in a clear and concise way that's separated by violations type, so you know exactly what the next step should be when enforcing

Performance History

Get more than just data - see the actual context associated with violations and your history of retailer interactions

One-click Enforcement

Enforcement templates pre-populate, add in the email addresses of your contacts, and attach all necessary documents - all you need to do it click send!

Get started with a no-cost
retailer snapshot report

Have our team monitor your catalog and review where the opportunities are to improve your margins and better support your brand and retailers.

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